The Barber of Savile Row

Rossini’s  comedy gets a makeover in 1950’s London – the era of Brylcreem and rock’n’roll. Figaro is a Teddy Boy with a dash of Elvis, plus there’s a panto dame, a stand-up comic . . . and a sing-a-long!

Our Barber toured widely in 2008 & 2009. It also played to large audiences at The Scoop – for free!

Adapted by Tim Riley, John Lovat & Lynn Binstock from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.

Director – Lynn Binstock
Music Directors – Chris Taylor, Stephen Hose
Set Design – James Perkins & Sally Ferguson
Lighting – Sally Ferguson
Costumes – Heidi Bryan

Audience reaction to The Barber of Savile Row

“It was the most inventive and funniest opera production I’’ve ever seen. Brilliant performances, clever musical arrangement, great gags, excellent set, it really was a triumph.”
“We cannot remember a night out that we have enjoyed so much or laughed so much!”
“We thought The Barber of Savile Row was the best entertainment we’ve seen in years.“
“This opera was fantastic, I wasn’’t expecting it to be so enjoyable. The actors were very professional and the singing was amazing. It was also very funny, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. I’m planning to go back and take my daughter with me this time.”
“I saw the performance last night at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. It was an excellent night, lots of laughs and great entertainment. If all your productions are like this, please come back to Portsmouth again. Soon.”