Chat Shows

★★★★     “Thank heaven for Unexpected Opera …. this is one night at the opera
I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Brian Penn, on Traviata Tells All

Try something Unexpected this year with Chat Shows featuring opera’s greatest characters, sung by the stars of tomorrow.

Unexpected Opera offers a new way to experience opera. Meet famous characters like Carmen the gypsy, Don Giovanni the seducer or Violetta the consumptive courtesan, and then meet the people who sing them. Enjoy sublime singing, spine-tingling stories and raucous fun. Expect a few surprises, plus the chance to ask your own questions!

Following the success of Carmen Chatter at the St James Studio in 2014, and our recent Traviata Tells All, which was a sell-out,  we return  with The Boys from Bohème at 8.00 pm on Thursday 9th July.
Comic Tony Harris will be joined by Daniel Joy (tenor) and Victor Sgarbi (baritone). The show is directed by Lynn BInstock and the music director and accompanist is Eda Seppar.  Tickets are on sale now: telephone: 0844 264 2140 or click here to book.

If you’re a stranger to opera this is the perfect introduction.  If you like opera you’ll love going behind the scenes.

(Photos from our previous Chat Show: Carmen Chatter.  St. James Studio, 2013)