About Unexpected Opera

Unexpected Opera takes an “unconventional but irresistible” approach to opera, while surprising seasoned fans.  Using humour and unexpected twists we free opera from conventions to produce unique, high-qualtiy and affordable operatic entertainment. Our  new show,  The Rinse Cycle, at the Charing Cross Theatre until March 2016.

The Rinse Cycle

The Rinse Cycle - Unexpected Opera - Charing Cross Theatre - 15 February 2016Music Director - Kelvin LimDirector - Lynn BinstockDesigner - Nancy SurmanLighting Designer - Tom ManningsHilda - Mari Wynn WilliamsRobin - Anna GregoryEdith - Harriet W

Mari Wyn Williams Photo by Robert Workman

Rinse Roundel with lettering PLWagner’s Ring Cycle Conditioned with comedy and shrunk to two hours.

We present an entertaining take on Wagner’s masterpiece, with highlights sung in English by five superb performers. Expect magnificent music, great drama and Unexpected fun!

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“A real treat, only the most humourless of Wagnerians could fail to enjoy it”

“I’ve seen some funny operas but this one took comedy to another level. Hats off to Unexpected Opera for ending my week on a high!”
Mary Nguyen

“A hugely enjoyable evening of fun leavened by the ‘best bits’ of Wagner. Assimilating knowledge of opera will never come easier than this…it sent everyone in the audience of the Charing Cross Theatre home energised and with a smile on their face”

“Kelvin Lim is heroic at the piano, it’s a pleasure to hear Andrew Porter’s translation at such close quarters, and the quintet … treat his words with respect and care”
The Times

“A witty, entertaining undertaking which puts Wagner in a spin… an upbeat, entertaining show featuring a fine ensemble cast”
The Stage

“This fresh, funny and utterly original take on the Ring is a joyful celebration”

“Unexpected Opera have succeeded in turning Wagner’s 16-hour Ring Cycle into two hours of surreal, unexpected fun”